Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Red Tricycle

I have a few things I use on the little guys when they just don't want anything to do with my camera.  Bubbles, hats, boots, tutus, blocks, candy etc.  But the one thing that works every time - e.v.e.r.y. time is the studio tricycle.  Old, well-used and red it is a fave with every kid that walks in the door.

Which brings me to the "D" kids' session.  Usually I have a super easy time with "B" and then I spend time dancing, singing and chasing "A."  But they have both grown and "A" has hit the easy age (which, trust me, is sandwiched between two very difficult ages) for photography and little "B" - well, he has matured into one side of the previous mentioned "difficult ages" to photograph.  Not to worry - a red tricycle, a lollipop and tickles from Mom did the trick.

The lesson for all of you - don't avoid a session just because your kids are in a difficult stage!  We will get a shot - somehow (most likely with the red tricycle).  Just don't miss photographing each stage with your children!

Thanks for visiting me again "D" family (and for bringing Grandma along).  As always, I enjoyed our time together!  (did you find the all-important McQueen?!) Here is your sneak peek - 

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