Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sometimes They Don't Like Cake

I had a sweet one year old visit me in the studio this weekend.  Like most mothers of one year olds, "H" was interested in the cake series.

Now, I LOVE the cakes series and was counting down 'till I got to do the series with my own little guy.  I was ready - so excited, so convinced my chunky little food-loving ham would dig in and give me photos like this one - 

but MY child - the PHOTOGRAPHER'S child - gave me this (three times I might add) -

I couldn't believe it!  The one year olds always like cake - right?!  I thought for sure my baby would be the only baby in history to cry and not want the cake.

I. was. wrong.

Here is sweet little "C"'s  reaction - 

similar to my baby, no?!

Well - at least "C" showed a little interest in the cake at first (my guy didn't) - 

Of course we didn't spend the entire session torturing this sweet girl.  Here are a few other shots from the session.  Enjoy your sneak peek "S" family and thanks for bringing "C" to see me!

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