Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Love Story for Valentine's Day

I really wanted to get this out on the blog for Valentine's Day - looks like I'll make it by about one minute! {if I type fast}

A tiny disclaimer here...I am still a children's photographer. Only children. But sometimes, you just can't pass up the opportunity to do something like this. Besides...everyone needs to stretch their brain a little every now and then. And why not use a love story to exercise the right side of my brain?!

Now, as you look through should know that this is the real deal people. No re-staging. No pretend. No dress-rehearsal. The real deal. What a smart man to make sure I was there to catch it all on camera!

Now - please allow me to be the first to ask the single most annoying question that immediately follows the uhhh...when are you having a baby?! {now c'mon, you know I had to ask's my job} *wink wink* Don't answer me! Just call me when you do!

ohhhh...I didn't type fast enough now did I?! Well, Happy Valentine's Day anyway!


Carmen said...

OH! I DID type fast enough!! Well would you look at me and all my speed!

Mrsc2one said...

I love it, Carmen!